You're The One

hey, dear
please listen closely
this song is specially for you
long ago
back when we're seven grade
i declare that i love you

then we do our relationship
just like a kindergarten kid
that was very fun
and we are so ridiculous

now i know
who's the best girl in my life
only you that i can't forget for the whole two years
you're the one

seven months has passed away
i was so stupid to break up with you
now we're in the ninth grade
and i just love you again
i start it with some chat
and you make me remember that time
so what is the next step
will it be a slap or a kiss

thanks for the song you gave to me dzorfi bardani nufus!!!! can't give you a reward pi huhu


citraa said...

sumpah audy seneng banget yaa kalo jadi elo huhaaaaaaaa

Titaaaa said...

huaaaaaaaaaaaaa liriknya bagusssssss

Difa Aressa said...

opi yang kaya gitu bisaan abis bikin lirik so dip begini