Fellas :}

Gonna get back to my blogger-boredom attack, upcoming post? Maybe after firstday at senior high. But nowwww
  • Tommorow event, Putri Duyung w/ 9D and Stargank's time! ;p Will be run for two days, Tue-Wed
  • Actually, I had plan at wednesday. Gokart-ing with opi stefy fadil & mmmmh idk, amgah may come. I text opi to change the day but he haven't reply. He should read this post and text me ASAP!
  • Another actually-_-, If the gokart plan changes to thursday, I'm sorry I can't. Wanna go out with the girls. Tgl 9 right? Burger&grill. It had been postponed for twice or three times since 2weeks ago. It shouldn't be postponed for more.
  • Saturday? Pra MOS AAA ga mungkin gamungkin ini gabisa terjadi takut ye gua wkwkkw kok cepet bgttttt and I'll face my new world without you pi it's new for me hu. Udah biasa liat tampangnya tiap hari skrg gabisa. Udah biasa kalo upacara tgl nengok kanan lgsg nemu skrg gabisa. Udah biasa kalo pergantian pelajaran keluar kls tgl ngeluarin kepala dikit lgsg ngeliat skrg gabisa. Haaaah :''''( Wish me survive.

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