Seeking inspirations from under the blanket

Don't force inspirations to come. They will when its right. Just sit down, relax, and wait for them.

Most of them come when you're bathing.
Sometimes they come when you're about to go to sleep.
Or they can come in the middle of your physics test.
For me, they usually come on my way to school.

They come from anywhere.
From your own brain.
From the friends.
From the streets.
From the broken hearts.
Or just fall down from the sky.

There are things can help yourself finding them.
Cloudy days. Windy days. Or even rainy days.
Cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate.
Laughters, or even tears.
Relaxing smells.
And the feel of being secure, safe, and warm.

And they will come without any intentions.

Just seek....

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