It's 10:42 PM on a rainy and wasted Saturday night in the middle of December

Well, it's me again, writing after months. This young lady is in her freshmen year now :)
People, let me tell you short story about my college life.
I didn't get into Medical Faculty as what I've been dreaming about since years ago.
Instead, I got into Faculty of Economic and Business, concentrate in Management.
I thanked God for it, by the way.
I don't know, I still hope being a doctor someday. Perhaps I'll try next year or after getting a degree in Economy.

Above all of that, I like my new life here in Bandung.
Where weekend lasts for 7 days and weekday is just a word in between.

Staying up from night to noon and vice versa.

Seeing sunrise. Moko, September 2012.

Celebrating birthday with the new ones.

Brighten my first day of October.
I have a lot of ups and downs. But hey, what more do you expect?
Cheers to the anger and tears, we got moodboosters here.
On a random midnights and middays, we eat.

BBQ Party. Dareiga's, October 2012.
So these are small parts of moments I had spent my life with in 5 months.
People come and go like our grandparents always said.
But what kills us is when you look into life of the people you used to know best, and realize you're not there. What kills us is when you look on the smiles and laughters of people you love most, and realize you're not the reason. What kills us is when you look on my post right now, and realize I'm right and you feel the same.

"So don't you ever forget about me
When you toss and turn in your sleep
I hope it's because you can't stop thinking about
The reasons why you close your eyes"
Scene Four-Don't You Ever Forget About Me - Sleeping with Sirens

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