(i only put the lyrics that has an equality with mine)

i didn't mean it when i say i didn't love you so, i should have held on tight i never should have let you, i did know nothing i was stupid i was lying to myself!

i could not fathom that i would ever be without your love, never imagine i'd be sitting here beside myself

i thought i knew everything i've never felt

the feeling that im feelin now that i dont hear your voice, what i wouldnt give to have you lying by my side right here oh baby

when you left i lost a part of me, its still so hard to believe, come back baby please

who is am i gonna lean on when time get rough? who is gonna talk to me otp till sun comes up? who is gonna take your place there ain't nobody better ohbaby

i cant sleep at night when youre all on my mind, Bobby Womacks on the radio singing to me,"if you think youre lonely now"

wait a minute this is too deep, i gotta change the station so i turn the dial, trying to catch a break, and then i hear Babyface

i only think of you and its broken my heart i try to keep it together but im falling apart

im feelin all out of my element, throwing things, crying, trying to figure out when hell i went pain reflected in this song aint even half of what im feeling inside


--- i erased the word that has not a meaning what i need to share with you all, actually i wanna edit some but im afraid i'll ruin it

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