self-made ;p

Hey world, d'you know?
My boyfriend isn't Lautner with a hot damn body
Not so like Keynes with a masterpiece face
Or Morrison who stole an angel voice
He's not an oscar winner while Bloom is
Aren't important, I don't care

No need Mraz to sing a song for me
No need any other hollywood heart-warmer guys to hold my hand that tight
No need them to do sort of things that you did
I want you

You know I'm in love
Suddenly butterflies come fly me up
Up to the world where all I need is you
I can't see the brightest star
Can't taste the sweetest ice cream
or the smell of my favorite scent, rain
I'm in love, that's all I feel

Know what? A song won't be a song if it's not lebay.

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