How much failures can be handled by one person in a year?

I was randomly thinking about this failure, since I've got much this year.
In what point could a person stop surviving and start cracking into pieces?
Would this related to the way he/she face it?
Or would this just another issue of time healing?

Everybody must have been through failures, that is clear.
But actually, there is some of them that you refuse to make peace with.
In any reason.
It may caused by the falling dreams, or the broken hopes.
It may also caused by the act of letting go. Or not letting go.

"Now and then I pace my place
I can't retrace how I got here
I cheat the light to check my face

It's slightly harder than last year"
(Born and Raised - John Mayer)

You see your own failures as lessons, wisely said.
They do not wisely ask:
How would you see your loved ones' failures?


Anonymous said...


I like your blog. Boleh minta email untuk kerjasama?


Audi said...

Hi, thank you!
Yes you can email me on audinatasha@hotmail.com ;)