Not that important, skip

UN is going to be with us in 11 days, and i'm extremely not in the mood to study. bored..........

or am i boring? hhhhh i cant imagine if it'll repeat.

forget it, i make it not to be understandable. go open a new tab, close my window. er... no no, keep reading lah.

Je ne faire ce comme la etre passer, ruin it, i mean. It's not my fault. C'est la erreur de ils. How could you be a short-time-amoureux? Haha not just me who's asking.

yaudahlah biarin aja ntar juga lupa gue. eh eh ini kan pake bahasa prancis ya tapi gue ga ngikutin kok, yg di bahasa prancisin berarti gue gamau orang tau gt jadi kalo tau diem2 aja kalo ga tau udah gausah dipikirin. i can be an introverted whenever i want. generally when it's hooking bout feeling, or else.
but on the same time, i wanna share my heartnotes. so i turn it to a riddle. gue bukannya mau copycat loh hehe.

extremely bored!
extremely lazy!
extremely have much fear bout anything.
extremely harus solat istikharah.
extremely dont wanna be apart from ldxv....


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