End of 2011 Journey

All i can say is.. 2011 is the year with most lessons of life. For me. And for anybody.

In 2011, I learned things.
How to manage time almost-perfectly. How to negotiate with people. How to argue. How to depend on myself when there's nobody else in most of the time. How to be balanced. How to train dragon... kidding. How to meet people you don't even know before and try to get along well with them. How to create ideas and sell it. How to insist, little insist, people smoothly. How to reverse fact without breaking them. How to fake smile beautifully. How to dry tears in seconds. How to hold emotions. How to love and be loved. How to look good. How to make a mess and fix it. How to say sorry and see what's next. How to minimize feeling. How to these. How to those. Thousand of how-tos more i can find but not to write.

In 2011, I got much.
Loads of experiences: making school events (LabsProject 2011 "Imagine-Nation"; LabsRecital'11; etc.), being a part of organizations, doing things I've never done before and want to do it again sometime, doing things I've never done before but don't want to do it again, going to new places, meeting new people, trying foods, and all good things you can wonder.
Lots of love: hugs, kisses, cuddles, tickles, and all sweet things you can wonder.
Parties: dresses, makeups, heels, treats, nightouts, musicbeats, and all fancy things you can wonder.
Quality times: intern jokes, laughs, tears, tv series, sleepovers, chicklits, Harry Potter DVD marathon, hot guys, cute guys, and all cheesy things you can wonder.

In 2011, I suffered loss.
We all did.
But for me, losing friends, particularly best friends, was a brand new thing.
I didn't expect losing two of my bestfriends would happen that quick. Of course nobody did. But yes it was. Happened in January and February this year, both on the last week of the month. They had been through the same thing in a different way. But yes, this life has the same destination for every way we take.

So this is the point. Where we all gonna say "Happy New Year!" to each other. Light up the fireworks. Reminisce the previous one year. Hope for the better days one year ahead. Try to create a new title of lovesong. Pour the new cup of fresh and warm life. Built a new high-end lifestyle. Catch new wonderful dreams. Pray for parents, friends, relatives, and lover. Aim for a different routine which is not boring. Curse the gloomy days happened before.
But deep inside we all know, the past we left behind will become something we miss.
We miss.
Everyday of our new better life.
We all do.
Missing what has happened.
And ask God to make it happen again.
But it just don't work like that, we realize.
We cry.
Then we continue living.
That's why we're human.

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