A class of explosive pyrotechnic devices used for aesthetic and entertainment purposes

The wiki definition for fireworks.
Pretty human invention, the only reason hopeless people stay awake on NYE.

I prefer dancing in the fireworks light instead of the moonlight.
I prefer being kissed under the fireworks instead of the rain.
I prefer laying under the fireworks instead of the stars.
I prefer waiting for the fireworks instead of the sunset.
I prefer being-so-sleepy-but-i-don't-care-i-want-to-see fireworks instead of the sunrise.

I love how fireworks create a splash of beautiful colour that comes in one explode. I love how fireworks can impress me even for the 17th times NYE i've ever been in my life. Bests fireworks parties for me was on NYE 2000, 2010, and 2011.

NYE 2000:
Party with the neighbors. The 6 years old me stay up until 4 in the morning for the first time in my life. We lighted up fireworks, petasan, mercon, etc. The kids played hide-and-seek in the middle of the night till the parents got mad. Sure we could be kidnapped by an alien, like adults always told us.

NYE 2010:
Singapore. Got room with the best view for fireworks party at Esplanade. Sooo marvelous. I thought the fireworks gonna come closer to us while seeing them exploded.
--> Just me and the fail photograph of fireworks.

NYE 2011:
On the rooftop of my friend's house, Reyhan. We could see fireworks from everywhere around. Damnly beautiful. And when his father lighted up the fireworks from that rooftop, we all laid and saw the infinite sky up there, then the fireworks exploded right above us, felt like they were raining us with colours and flame. Undescribable feeling.
We laid down like:
And the sky above were like:
(taken from Aqmarina Prallia Minasita's album)

And here I am now, 2012. The fckn 2012.
What my mind all about is the picture I saw hours ago. Then what Keara once said in Antologi Rasa popped,"I can never win this, can I?"
This, John Mayer called it The Heartbreak Warfare.
And I'm a sucker in the battlefield.
''And I hurt so bad, that I search my skin
For the entry point, where love went in
And ricoshad and bounced around
And left a hole, when you walked out''
(Exit Wounds - The Script)

Well then, welcome 2012.

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